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Jonathan - May 09,2012

Thanks to Dave we finally have our poolback! After many attempts with many different poolcompanies in the area led to COMPLETE disaster and our summers totally destroyed we came across Complete Pool Service on Google and could not be more pleased! Thanks to Dave we now have new lines to the pool and its running better than when we first moved into this house. The water was CRYSTAL CLEAR in 2 days when it would take over a month to get it clean. Thank you so much Dave, you definitely restored our happiness with this pool and our hopes for a great summer will come true this season. We truly, truly, truly, appreciate it.

Steve - Mar 31, 2012

Terrific Pool Service! I am really happy to have found Dave and Complete Pool Service! Dave is very knowledgeable and professional. He recently replaced my sand filter and added an in-line chlorinator for me. Dave went way above and beyond! He removed loads of old fittings and couplings that had been patched onto my filter and heater system over the years. The new piping Dave added looks so much better than the old 'octopus' that used to be there. I am thrilled with the service Dave and Complete Pool Service provided. I have been disappointed with several other pool servicecompanies over the years. The personnel from the other pool companies were very unprofessional (throwing cigarette butts into my garden, using inappropriate language for a family neighborhood, etc). When I finally had enough with my previous pool service company, I was glad to find Complete Pool Service. Dave closed my pool for this past Winter, and what a difference! The pool was closed right on time, as Dave had promised. Dave and his crew were friendly and professional. I had NO PROBLEMS with the closing. I couldn't say that for any of the other companies I've used to close my pool. When I have questions, Dave takes the time to provide thoughtful answers and to explain my options. I have finally found a terrific pool service company. I know I will be using Complete Pool Service from now on. Thank you Complete PoolService!!!

Dave restored our faith in HUMANITY!‎‎

By Michelle - Aug 3, 2010

Dave is the most honest and reliable service person we have ever has the pleasure to do business with. He is dependable and very competent. He is a straight shooter and will not sell you anything you do not need. His pricing is very competetive and you can rest assured that if Dave is servicing your pool, everything will be ok...there is no better endorsement than 3 yr old twins get EXCITED everytime Dave arrives and tells my husband and I all week... ME LOVE DAVE!!!! Michelle and Stephen, Doylestown 2010‎

Pool Guru!‎‎

By mark - Jul 25, 2010

I bought a house in Huntingdon Valley where the pool was completely green and the bottom was covered with mud and old pool tiles. Several local companies told me it would cost 2-3k to clean it and I would have to wait for a coupe of weeks before they show up. Once I contacted Dave, he showed up at my place next day.Not only did he construct an elaborate system to clean my pool but he also provided detailed explanations and gave me very helpful tips on poolownership (I have never owned a pool before). In 3 days, my pool was sparkling clean and I had spent much less money than I was anticipating. I highly recommend Dave for all your pool troubles.‎

Excellent Pool Service!‎‎

By colleen.tracey - Jul 19, 2010

David provided an amazing service to our pool that had been effected by a mud slide. The pool was completely out of service. I placed a call to David and within 24 hours he was at my house with a complete assessment of the damage to the pool. He called and explained all the work that was to be done, which was quite extensive. Originally we were told by another company that the pool had to be drained and refilled. David was able to come up with a better option by using some of his own specially designed equipment. Much to our delight he had the pool fully operational in 2 days, which was incredible given the condition it was in. He ended up saving us money in the end. He is extremely professional and hardworking. We will use him for all of our pool services from this point on. We highly recommend him if you are in need of pool services. C. Thomas, Wyncote, PA‎

Saved our swimming pool!‎‎

By richard - Jun 25, 2010

Placed call on Sunday, heard back from Dave the Owner the next day, and by Thursday my pool was fully restored. My DE filter failed and spewed at least 4-5 lbs of DE Powder into the pool which when stirred up, made the water look like bad skim milk. I did not have the tools or ability to remove. None of the local major pool service companies could help or were willing. Dave tackled the problem and upgraded the filtering system as well. His prices were incredibly reasonable. I cannot recommend him any higher and will most assuredly utilize his services again next Spring to further upgrade my filter piping system. Dave works on both in and above ground pools. R. Stevens, Ambler, PA

Friendly and Excellent Service!!!‎‎

By memorieslost77 - May 30, 2010

Totally professional and extremely friendly. Very happy with the service. Excellent prices! Couldn't be happier!! If you need any kind of pool work this is your guy, look no further! I would recommend him to anyone I know. 5 STARS!!! W.Graser & M.Graser‎

Great work and Fair! ‎‎

By cat1bb1 - May 23, 2010

Not to often do you find people who call you back immediately and come out earlier then they were expected. I found that to be true with David. He also worked very hard to complete my work and explained everything he did and what I needed to do to make things work smoother. He went above and beyond and I appreciate the great work he did and the cost was VERY fair. I will use him to open and close my pool from now on. Cathy T.‎

These Testimonials are real and were taken from our GOOGLE MAP Page. If you do a google search for pool service Lansdale you will find our page.

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