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     Safety pool covers do it all. They protect your pool from the harsh winter weather and all the problems it can bring, they help eliminate the growth of algae in your pool over the winter season, and they can be used to protect your family and pets from accidental drowning 

Without a properly fitting safety cover for your pool in the winter, decaying materials like dead leaves and insects can blow into the pool and rot, causing terrible discoloration of your pool's surface. The daunting task of cleaning such a mess will require costly cleaning supplies, a good chunk of time, and a whole bunch of elbow grease to restore your pool to its original state. With a cover for your pool, you will help eliminate wasted time and expense at the time of your pool's spring opening by keeping such damaging materials out of your pool from the onset. When it comes time for the spring opening, simply remove the safety cover and vacuum out whatever bit of silt settled to the bottom of your pool, and you're ready to go! 

Another problem that a safety cover for your pool will help eliminate is the growth of algae over the winter season. Algae can also cause serious discoloring to your pool, so stopping its growth with a sun-blocking safety cover will go a long way for keeping your pool pristine for many years. Prevent unsightly algae stains that are extremely difficult to remove by stopping the growth of algae before it starts with a pool safety cover. 

Safety pool covers can also be for the protection of your family and pets. Designed to withstand many thousands of pounds of pressure, a safety cover can prevent accidental drowning of children or pets who may wander into the pool area during the winter season. Strong and durable, the pool safety cover will stop the child or animal from falling into the pool, causing injury or worse. Safety pool covers can be used to protect your children and pets all year round, and are not limited to the winter season. It's not possible to keep an eye on your pool all day and all night, so rest easy knowing you have a swimming pool safety cover from In The Swim latched into place! In the Swim offers safety covers in all shapes and sizes as well as free estimates for custom safety covers!

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