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This service will extend the life of your current D.E. / Sand filter system saving you from the cost of repairs or total filter replacement !  

      One of the most important aspects concerning the performance of your swimming pool is D.E. / Sand Filtration System. The filtration system acts as the back bone of your swimming pool allowing for clear water and maximum efficiency of supplementary components. As a result, Complete pool service has designed programs to assist in insuring that the backbone of your pool is running and maintained properly.

D.E. FILTER Single Session Cleaning Service 

     D.E. filters are typically known for their efficiency in turning unsightly water clear in a short period of time. Add that to the convenient backwashing feature and D.E. is a filter pool owners cannot live without. However, what many pool owners over look is the fact that D.E. filters like cartridge must be taken apart and cleaned periodically. This is quite a daunting task for pool owners, especially those who have a vertical grid D.E. filter. With this in mind, Complete POOL SERVICE has developed programs catered to D.E. filter maintenance. 

      Complete pool service single session D.E. cleaning program includes an on-site visit in which the filter will be disassembled and cleaned using a high pressure tool to remove all heavy debris. Once the heavy debris have been removed, We will perform a degreasing which will aid in the removal of accumulated oils and algae build up. After the degreasing, we will rinse the vertical grids/ fingers to remove the degreasing agent and any remaining debris. From this point we will then clean the inside of the filter tank and lubricate all o-rings relating to the filter system cleaning and then reassemble the internal components. After the filter is put back together a check will be conducted to confirm there are no leaks.

This service combined with your Opening/Closing $49.00

This service without pool Opening/Closing $169.00

Let us replace your filters ELEMENT CLUSTER. We will have you up and running like new. Saves you money over complete filter replacement. Call for pricing today!

We can also replace your older D.E. Filtation system adding state of the art system updates like an Hayward chlorine feeder (CL200). We know you depend on your pools filter system to keep your pool clean. Fighting with a outdated or broken filter system takes the fun out of pool ownership. 

Check out this above ground D.E. system with a inline CL200 chlorine feeder. A newly designed hayward matrix power flo pump. Single band hayward EC50 D.E. Filter will make taking care of your above ground pool easy as pie!

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